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Using Roll-On CBD: A Guide For Athletes

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When you're an athlete, the occasional ache or pain tends to come with the territory. Often, these aches and pains aren't anything serious and are just the result of over-exerting yourself. Still, you could likely use some help managing them so you can get through your next workout or game with less discomfort. Roll-on CBD can help you do that. Here are some key tips for using it.

Choose a product with cooling properties.

There are lots of different CBD roll-ons, but the best ones for athletes generally contain something like menthol or eucalyptus to provide a cooling sensation upon application. CBD can take a little while to be absorbed through the skin and take action. However, the menthol starts to provide cooling relief on contact. With this type of roll-on, you get instant relief, and then the relief tends to build as the CBD takes action.

Look for a product with CBG, too.

Different CBD roll-ons have different formulas. Some are made with not just CBD, but also CBG. This is another cannabinoid, similar to CBD. It helps relieve pain and inflammation, but it also has some energizing properties. A roll-on containing CBG plus CBD will do a more thorough job of easing your aches and getting you back on the court or field.

Apply it to clean skin.

CBD roll-ons tend to contain carrier compounds that encourage the active ingredients to be absorbed through the skin. If there are other chemicals or residues on your skin when you apply CBD, some of those compounds may also be absorbed into your skin, which may not be great. So, clean your skin before you apply CBD. A simple rinse with water is good enough in most cases.

Let it dry before putting clothing over it.

CBD roll-ons usually absorb into the skin relatively quickly and are quick to dry. But they don't dry instantly. You don't want to transfer the product to your clothing, as then it can't take action. Always apply your roll-on when you have time to spare so you can let it thoroughly dry before putting clothing over it.

CBD roll-ons can be life-changing for athletes. They're portable, affordable, and easy to apply to small or tight spots like around your knee or ankle. Follow the tips above, and you should have good success with these products. Good luck as you return to your sport.

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