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Things To Know Before Trying Delta 8 Edibles For The First Time

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Delta 8 is becoming more and more popular across the United States. This cannabinoid has a lot of benefits. It's great for relaxation and stress relief, and some people even find it helps with their anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Still, delta 8 is a psychoactive substance, so it is important to be informed as you begin using it. Here are the key things worth knowing before you try delta 8 edibles.

Delta 8 can make you feel high

At low doses, delta 8 will mostly make you feel relaxed, at ease, and positive. You may feel less energetic than usual and want to spend time sitting on the couch. If you take more delta 8, however, you may actually get the feeling referred to as a "high." Time may become a bit distorted, and you may lose your train of thought more easily. This isn't scary if you know what to expect, but can be off-putting if unexpected. It's hard to say what dose this will happen at because everyone reacts to delta 8 a bit differently. So, it's important to start with a small dose the first time you use delta 8 and slowly work your way up from there if needed.

Delta 8 won't kick in right away

The delta 8 you consume needs to pass into your digestive tract, be absorbed through your intestinal walls, be transformed into a different chemical form in your liver, and then reach your body's cells before taking action. This can take a while. Sometimes it takes as long as an hour for delta 8 to start affecting you. So, if you take an edible and don't feel anything right away, don't panic. This is normal. Wait, relax, and the effects will come.

Delta 8 can last for hours

Taking delta 8 orally results in a longer active time than if you were to smoke or vape a delta 8 product. Again, how long it lasts varies widely from person to person. So, the first time you take delta 8, you want to do it when you have a free schedule. This way, you can track how long it lasts and better prepare for the next time you take it. You would not want to take it thinking it would last 2 hours, then have it last for 8 and get in the way of your plans.

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