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Using Lemon CBD Oil In Food And Drinks

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One of the best reasons to buy flavored CBD oils is that rather than just enjoying them alone, you can add them to your food and drinks. It's so nice to enjoy a tasty, lemon-flavored snack that also has all of the benefits of CBD oil. You do have to be careful, though, since CBD should not really be heated too much as this can cause the compounds to start breaking down. So, what are some safe and tasty ways to incorporate organic lemon CBD oil into your foods and beverages? Take a look.

Lemon CBD Butter

This is a great one to make ahead and keep in the fridge. Then, you can reach for some lemony CBD relief whenever you want it. Simply blend a tablespoon of lemon CBD oil into four tablespoons (a half a stick) of butter. The oil will blend with the butter well as both are fat-based products. You can spread the butter on toast, use a little on your muffins, or even use it as a finishing butter on steak. Feel free to add some garlic, too, for a bolder flavor.

Lemon CBD Tea

If you're someone who enjoys a mug of tea, why not start adding a few drops of lemon CBD oil to your tea? It will give you a similar flavor as if you were to add lemon slices, but you'll get the soothing relief and slightly earthy flavor of CBD too. This is best done with decaffeinated tea since your goal is to relax.

Lemon CBD Salad Dressing

What better way to get healthy than to eat more vegetables and start taking your CBD? Whip up some lemon CBD oil salad dressing by combining 1/4 cup of olive oil, a teaspoon of lemon CBD oil, a teaspoon of Dijon mustard, and a splash of either orange or lemon juice. This makes enough dressing for at least two people, and you use it to top whatever combination of veggies you prefer in a salad.

Lemon CBD Ice Cream Topping

Sometimes, you need a treat. If that treat can give you the therapeutic benefits of CBD, that's all the better. You can make a lemon CBD ice cream topping by mixing a few drops of lemon CBD oil into 1/4 cup of simple syrup. Drizzle this over vanilla ice cream for some real refreshment.

Lemon CBD oil is versatile and delicious. Use it in some or all of the ways above, and you'll agree! To order 1500 mg organic lemon CBD oil, contact a supplier in your area.