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Natural Supplements You Can Take Before Bed For Improved Sleep

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Do you suffer from periodic insomnia and trouble falling asleep? When you lie awake in bed for hours on end, you know the next day is not going to be a pleasant one! Over-the-counter and prescription medications can work, but many also come with a risk of side effects and dependency. As such, you may want to try some natural sleep aids first. Here are three natural supplements that you can take before bed for better sleep.

1. CBD

You've probably heard of CBD. It's become really popular lately for treating everything from anxiety to chronic pain. But the primary way in which CBD works is by making you feel more relaxed. It slows down nerve impulses and soothes feelings of stress. As such, taking CBD sleep capsules before bed can help you drift off to sleep peacefully by quieting those nagging thoughts that are keeping you awake. If chronic pain is contributing to your sleeplessness, too, CBD can help take the edge off. 

Some people like to vape CBD or rub a CBD cream on their bodies, but the easiest way to take it is just to swallow some capsules. Take them about a half hour before you go to bed so they have time to kick in.

2. Melatonin

Melatonin is actually a substance your body produces naturally in a tiny gland called the pineal gland. When your melatonin level rises, you feel relaxed and sleepy. The problem is that your body does not always release enough melatonin, or it might release it at the wrong times. This is especially likely if you've ever done shift work or otherwise stayed up late at night. It can take years for your body to get back on schedule! Taking a melatonin supplement about a half hour before bed can help induce sleepiness, and there really are not any side effects to worry about.

3. Chamomile

Chamomile tea is known as a folk remedy for inducing calmness. It may not be quite as effective as CBD or melatonin, but it can help quiet stress so you can relax at bedtime. Sipping on a mug of warm tea is relaxing in and of itself. Try combining chamomile tea with one of the remedies above if you need a little extra help falling asleep. Just make sure you brush your teeth after drinking it and before sleep, especially if you like to add a little sugar.