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Tips For Giving CBD Oil To Your Pet

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You might be surprised to know that while many people rely on CBD oil to treat and manage a long list of ailments, pet owners often use this product for their animals. CBD oil can be an effective, side-effect-free product to give your pet if it shows signs of joint pain or other physical health issues. Given that CBD oil is widely available, you can buy it from any number of sources, give it to your pet, and then monitor the animal's symptoms in the days and weeks afterward to assess whether it may be helping. Here are some tips for giving CBD oil to your pet.

Get The Vet's Approval

It's irresponsible for any pet owner to make assessments about his or her pet's health and then come up with a way to treat the issue. If you believe that your pet has an issue, take the animal to your local veterinarian to have the issue diagnosed and a treatment plan suggested. Don't be afraid to ask the vet if CBD oil might be worth trying. You'll find that many vets today are on board with this idea. The veterinarian may attempt to sell you CBD oil, but you shouldn't hesitate to consider getting it from a source that is more affordable.

Buy The Right Product

There are many products that are similar to CBD oil, so it's important that you buy the right one. If you live in a state in which cannabis is legal and you decide to buy CBD oil at a local dispensary, you need to be sure that you're buying CBD, not THC. The latter substance is the psychoactive element in cannabis, and you absolutely do not want to give this to your pet. When you shop for CBD oil, carefully read the label and ensure that you aren't buying a product that contains any amount of THC.

Mix It In With Your Pet's Food

CBD oil often comes in a bottle with a dropper, but you shouldn't try to squeeze some of the oil into your pet's mouth. Doing so will be unpleasant for your pet and difficult for you — and, depending on your pet's temperament, there's a risk of getting bitten. CBD oil has a very mild flavor, so mixing it in with a food that your pet enjoys is your best bet for administering the substance. Follow the veterinarian's suggested dosage and monitor your animal to see what positive changes result.

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