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You Don't Need Fish Oil: 3 Vegan Friend Alternatives For People Looking For Essential Fatty Acids

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If you are concerned about your health, then you are probably aware of the importance of having enough essential fatty acids in your diet. These nutrients have been linked to lots of positive health benefits, everything from eye problems (including macular degeneration), to heart health benefits. The main problem for vegans and vegetarians is that the most championed source of these essential fatty acids is fish oil. While that's perfectly acceptable for lots of people, it's not appropriate for vegans or vegetarians. The other problems is that it is difficult to get enough essential fatty acids from fruits and vegetables. This is why you need to supplement. Below are three great choices

Algae Oil

Algae comes from the sea like fish, and for most vegans and vegetarians, this microorganism is acceptable. Algae oil comes in pill form, so don't worry that you have to drink some stinky algae oil. One of the great things about algae oil is that it also contains vitamins such as the different B complex vitamins. Interesting to note, fish get their nutrients from the algae, so you're actually going back to the source when you take algae oil.

Flaxseed Pills

If you don't want to take algae because, even though it is not a large animal (such as a fish), it's still technically a living organism, then a good alternative is flaxseed oil pills. Flaxseed can be brought in the raw form and added to salads as well as taken in pill form. If you buy raw flaxseed and add it to your salads or smoothies, then you will also get lots of fiber and protein. The only thing to consider is that if  you want to get big doses of essential fatty acids, for therapeutic reasons, you should get flaxseed oil pills. These are just the oil, just the fat. There is no protein or fiber.

CBD Hemp Oil

Finally, there is hemp oil. In particular, CBD hemp oil. This type of hemp oil does not have any of the mind altering, psychoactive properties that you might be concerned about. It's a completely health, safe oil to use. In fact, it's used for many things including improving cholesterol and preventing cancer. It is rich in essential fatty acids, and it comes from a plant, so there is no conflict with people who abstain from animal products.

You can get hemp oil and add it to your salads, or you can take it in pill form with your nightly vitamins.