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Boost Your Workout With These Four Powerful Natural Energy Supplements

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If you get to the gym and feel tired, it's going to affect your workout. You might not hit the weights as hard as you should, or you might only do a mile on the treadmill instead of hitting 3 miles like you planned on. One way to try and combat this feeling of tiredness is to take some natural pre-workout energy supplements. These ingredients will help boost your energy and allow you to get through the session without feeling exhausted. Here are the four main ones you should look for:


Everyone knows caffeine boosts your energy levels. It's the reason so many people drink coffee in the morning. Soda also has loads of caffeine, which any parent will attest to after seeing a kid run around after drinking too much. When it comes to pre-workout caffeine intake, you should not drink soda (too much sugar). You can have coffee if you want, but have it without sugar. However, you could also buy a pre-workout shake that has caffeine as a listed ingredient. You should add this powder to water or milk. Don't add it to coffee since you will then be overloading your body with too much caffeine.


B-12 is important because a deficiency in it can cause you to be tired. There are lots of reasons why you might be deficient. People who take prescription medication (or even regularly take aspirin) can be deficient in B-12. Symptoms of a deficiency include tiredness and fatigue, but also a bad mood.  So, if you are deficient in B-12, not only will you feel tired at the gym, you will be in a poor mood, which is never conductive to getting in a good workout.


This is an amino acid that is manufactured as citrulline malate, which has been found to help with muscle fatigue. This is important if you're someone who does long workouts and have the mental energy for the workout, but you find that your muscles start to get weak too soon into the session. An energy drink that contains citrulline malate will help with that problem. Malic acid (malate) is very sour--so sour it's even used in the production of those really sour candies. It's not something you would want to just mix in water. The pre-workout powders are specifically formulated with flavorings to help disguise the taste.


This is an herb that is very common in TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) as well as folk medicine in the United States, and other cultures. The two main benefits that people associate with ginseng are improved mental clarity and greater energy. This second benefit is why you will see it in many pre-workout supplements. There have even been studies at the Mayo Clinic that found that people who were suffering with cancer had improved energy after consuming ginseng.

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