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The Top Three Essential Oils For Beginners

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Essential oils are huge right now. With so many people talking about them, you may be wondering if they work and how to use them. While there have been some studies done on the effectiveness of essential oils, the best way to decide if they will work for you is to try them. Here are three common oils you can test on your own.

1. Peppermint. This oil is great for a lot of things and it works quickly. You can use it for:

  • stomachaches and nausea by rubbing it on your stomach or drinking it in your water (it is stronger than peppermint tea)
  • a congested nose by placing a few drops underneath your nose or by putting a drop on your finger and swiping it on the roof of your mouth
  • quick energy by simply smelling it or by drinking it 
  • headaches by rubbing a few drops along your forehead or on your temples
  • bad breath by swishing a few drops in your mouth
  • repelling pests like mice by putting a few drops on cotton balls and placing them throughout your home
  • adding it to vinegar and water to disinfect your home

Make sure that you use 100% therapeutic grade oils, especially if you are going to be ingesting them. Peppermint isn't expensive and it is a great oil to start with because you will notice a difference almost immediately, especially with the congestion. It also smells terrific! 

2. Lavender. This is another oil that belongs in everyone's cabinet. It is a calming, healing oil and can really help you de-stress. You can:

  • place a few drops in your bath, along with some Epsom salts
  • diffuse it in a diffuser to add some serenity and peace to your home
  • put it on pimples or scrapes to help them heal faster 
  • rub it on the bottoms of your feet or behind your ears to help you sleep better
  • put a few drops in our hands, rub them together, then breathe deeply when you feel stressed 

3. Lemon. Lemon is an energizing oil. It also has antibacterial properties, as well. Use it to:

  • clean your counters and cutting boards
  • remove stubborn stickers (it works so well it is astonishing)
  • add to your water for a delicious, fresh taste
  • get rid of grease from your pans
  • freshen your laundry (just add a few drops to a rag and toss it in)
  • help you overcome a cold by adding a few drops to your water or rubbing it on your lymph nodes

While you shouldn't ever use essential oils in place of going to a doctor, there are many uses for them. Try these three and see how they work for you. Like countless others, you may decide you can't live without them! 

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