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Alternative Treatments For Your Arthritis

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When you have arthritis, there are only so many medical treatments available to help you out. There are anti-inflammatory medications you can take and physical therapy that you can do, but your arthritis may still be bothering you. What you may not know is that there are also alternative treatments and therapies that can help with your arthritis and the pain associated with it. These treatments can be used in conjunction with medical treatments to help reduce symptoms and make you feel better overall. Get to know more about some of these alternative treatments for your arthritis. Then, you can schedule your appointments and treatments right away. 


Prolotherapy is an alternative medicine treatment, sometimes also referred to as proliferation therapy. This is an injection therapy, but it is different from cortisone shots that you may have received for your arthritis discomfort. Instead, prolotherapy involves the injection of natural substances like saline or dextrose into the affected joints. These natural substances help the ligaments and tendons to heal and regrow. The result of such treatments can be lower and fewer instances of pain and improved flexibility in the treated joints.

You may notice results after the first treatment, but prolotherapy often involves multiple treatments to continue to improve the health of the joints. And don't worry about pain from the injections because lidocaine, a numbing agent, is often used in the injection solution to reduce injection discomfort.


Acupuncture is a popular alternative medicine treatment that has been around for centuries. It operates under the idea that the world is made up of flowing energies, and the human body is no exception. Energies flow throughout the body, helping to keep things running smoothly. However, the energy flows sometimes get disrupted in the body. When this happens, health issues occur. As such, your arthritis may have something to do with energies that have been disrupted inside your body. 

This is where acupuncture comes in. An acupuncturist is essentially an energy specialist. They will discuss your health concerns with you and identify energy points on the body that correspond with the issues you are having. This will vary depending on the specific joints affected by your arthritis.

Then, they will insert tiny needles into those energy points to stimulate the energy to flow properly. These needles will be left in for a while (usually 30 minutes or more) while you lie comfortably on the treatment table. Then, they are removed and you are free to leave. You may experience immediate relaxation, stress relief, and pain relief from just one acupuncture treatment. 

Now that you know more about a few alternative treatments for your arthritis, you can give them a try right away. Reach out to businesses like the Natural Terrain Natropathic Clinic for more information about things like prolotherapy.